SDSU Dining - Campus Grown

Campus Grown

SDSU Dining is committed to providing the campus community with menu options that are responsible and sustainable. This commitment is both in accordance with the SDSU Strategic Plan and Aztec Shops’ mission to be responsive to the needs of the campus community.

Dining utilizes Hello Walkway Garden to grow and harvest a variety of produce. Some of the more high-yield ingredients include chard, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, pole beans, squash, radishes, and herbs. Additionally, forty aeroponic towers were installed at The Garden at Cuicacalli patio that produce over 1,760 heads of leafy greens every three weeks.

These campus-sourced vegetables and herbs are served to the University community at a growing list of SDSU locations.

Where Can I Enjoy Campus-Grown Ingredients?
Support Campus-Grown by visiting The Garden at Cuicacalli, Faculty-Staff Club and UTK. Select menu items are tagged with the “Campus-Grown” logo.

By supporting Campus-Grown, you are helping the SDSU community reduce its carbon footprint of produce delivery, reduce packaging needs, and contribute to enhanced nutrition and food quality at SDSU.

Thank you!


Photo of employees picking out vegetables from the garden.
Photo of cutting fresh radish.
Photo of trays of growing vegetables.
Photo of fresh organic bell peppers.
Photo of an employee holding out a vegetable from an aeroponic tower.
Photo of an employee holding an organic grown pepper.
Photo of an employee cutting vegetables