Darla Fontenot - Plant-Based Ambassador


Hi, my name is Darla Fontenot and I am San Diego State University’s Plant-Based Ambassador! I grew up in Southern California and I am stoked to further my education in this beautiful place! My mother always encouraged me to live the happiest and healthy life I could which led to my love for sports and thinking of food as fuel for my body. I am a second year student here and I am very grateful that SDSU allows me to uphold my lifestyle. I began eating a completely plant-based diet two years ago in order to make better choices regarding my diet and overall health. Before moving to the dorms I was nervous about what foods I would be able to eat and enjoy on campus. However, after visiting each establishment I have found many delicious and healthy plant-based options!

The SDSU Dining team and I are here to listen to the wants and needs of the campus community so we can constantly improve and enhance the dining experience for students. I hope I can make the lives of fellow students easier by posting about the meals I eat so they can see the amazing plant-based options SDSU has to offer! If you would like more information, please reach out to me through SDSU Dining or email me directly at plantbased@sdsu.edu.

Dietary Needs

SDSU Dining caters to everyone. Are you vegan? Vegetarian? Gluten-free?

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